• Danny Blu - Set Me on Fire
    Rockaway, NJ
  • Brian Molnar - Some Dreams
    Annandale, NJ
  • Danny Blu - Sebastian
    New York City, New York
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Music Video Production

It's not always just glamour shots. Let us tell your story. Unlike other video production companies, we know there are strong messages in your music; let our team of filmmakers help you craft a solid piece that lets you shout them out visually, and not just in the chorus. We provide video solutions for performance pieces, demos, RPKs and of course the video everyone will talk about for your next hit song. Whether you are rock, hip hop, electro or whatever, we can deliver a concept with stunning visuals that will evoke emotion.
At New Jersey Video production company Aphelion Entertainment, we specialize in marketing and promotional content for broadcast television, online video product...
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Everyone has a great show or film idea, and NJ video production company Aphelion Entertainment is no exception. We are currently in the process of creating a fe...
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