Video production in New Jersey is booming, and it is everywhere. From the usual television and film mediums, Garden State residents can also reliably expect to see video in a number of other places. These include online video productions, in stores via digital signage, at work in corporate training video productions, and at home in music video productions.

Justin Holt is the founder and CEO of Aphelion Entertainment, an award-winning video production company based out of Clinton, New Jersey.

"With attention spans shrinking, video is needed more now than ever, to deliver concise messages quickly to an audience," Holt said. "Working in a variety of mediums has it's challenges, but we revel in our diverse backgrounds, and relish opportunities to showcase our skills and creativity."

While the presence of video production in New Jersey is seemingly ubiquitous, the best work is being produced by a relative handful of video production companies in the state. It comes down to a matter of award-winning talent.

"Our network of young solid professionals is the back bone of our company. We approach each project with enthusiasm, and look forward to each opportunity we have to meet new people and help them create the visual piece that will lead to their success," Holt said.

While neighboring New York City video production agencies provide comparable product as their elite-level New Jersey counterparts, the Big Apple firms are generally 2 to 3 times as pricey.

Kirk Hessels is the Vice President of Vision Creative Group in Cedar Knolls, NJ.

"I've worked Aphelion on numerous projects and they always exceed my expectations," Hessels said. "Whether it's a location shoot or post production, they consistently provide insightful creative input and bring the jobs in on-time and on budget."

Posted on Jun 11, 2013