4 Things to Know for Production

It is important when you are about to embark on a new video, that you understand a few key concepts to get the best out of your production company. These items will help the producer and director craft the vision of the piece and the budget, to fit your company's needs most completely.

1. The target audience

You need to clearly state your target audience. Your target audience is the key demographic that you are trying to reach with the video. This may be a current clientele base, or a new base that you are trying to capture. Knowing your target audience will help the production team develop an appropriate tone for the piece. This is important in the casting process, will effect music choices, editing pace and be the key factor on how your message is delivered.

2. The message

What is your brand's message? In other words, what are you trying to say to your target audience? This can be simple brand reinforcement for a current demographic base, or something brand new for that reach demographic. It may even be a sale or new product. Once your message and demographic are established, it is up to the production company to create the vehicle for delivery. The first two items help in determining whether the video calls for comedy, drama, or maybe even a bit of horror.

3. General concepts

No one know your business better than you, so it is important that your production company knows any general concepts or important items that need to be included in the piece. From there, the company can elaborate and turn your concept into something that works visually, or create their own that include the necessary items. Once the concept is finalized, the scriptwriting and storyboarding part of the process begins.

4. Budget

With video production, higher quality generally equals a higher budget. There are many variables to choose from, all of which can work to enhance your video. Items such as actors, music licensing, specialized equipment, special effects, animation, etc. all help to augment the dynamic vision of the piece, but all come with an added price tag as well. Therefore it is hard for production companies to throw a number out of the dark. It is best if you have an idea of what your budget range is for a project. By letting the company know, they can develop a solution that will fit the cost. This is also important for them to know when developing the concept. Knowing budgetary constraints or freedoms up from will let the creative determine what types of ideas are feasible or not.

It is important to have some of these ideas developed before approaching your production company. Their job is to work with you to create a winning piece for all involved, and collaboration between client and producers is important for this goal.

Good luck creating that winning piece!
Posted on Jan 8, 2015